Jawahar Knowledge Center
  Jawahar Knowledge Center,Swarnajayanthi Commercial Complex, NorthBlock,WING C,8th floor, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.  Ph.No:+91-40-23755673,  Fax:+91-40-23755674.      

  Application Forms
1. JKC 2015-16 College Notification
2. JKC 2015-16 College Registration form
(Renewal / New Registration)
3. JKC Student Notification for Academic Year 2015-16 - B.Tech./M.C.A./M.B.A.
4. JKC Student Registration form - Enginering Students
5. JKC Student Registration form - M.C.A. / M.B.A. Students
6. Degree JKC 2015-16 College Notification
7. Degree JKC 2015-16 College Registration form
(Renewal / New Registration)
8. JKC Degree Student Notification for AcademicYear 2015-16
9. JKC Degree Student Registration form
Colleges Renewal/registration date has been extended till 14thAugust, 2015.
Last date for the Student Registration is 31stAugust, 2015.
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