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Open APIs to encourage students to develop the APPs on Government Databases

            The Honorable Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh desires that to train and encourage IEG registered students to develop APPs for the Government databases under the CodeforAP program as one of the academic activities under IEG. As part of the program the training and development of APPs will be offered as a final year project work to IEG-JKC registered students in Andhra Pradesh. Third year students will also be provided orientation classes to enable them to develop APPs as part of their final year project work.

            In this regard, College Principals are requested to send the interested IEG-JKC registered students from your college / institute to participate in this program. The student teams / shortlisted candidates will be provided with the APIs and the necessary guidance. A panel will be constituted from Industry, academia, and IEG to guide and provide the technical support to the students. Once the project is completed, students will be given Project completion certificate from Institute for Electronic Governance, Government of Andhra Pradesh. Successfully developed APPs will be tested by technical team for possible adoption into the Government system.

            This is a great opportunity for the students to get experience and develop APPs for the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Please find the attached letter from the Special Secretary for ITE&C Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh regarding the same.

           Please send the interested IEG-JKC students list (in the attached form) from your respective colleges to .